Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts – Part 4

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Universal Access – VoiceOver keyboard commands

For information about VoiceOver key combination differences in Mac OS X v10.6, see this article.

Command-F5 or
fn Command-F5
Turn VoiceOver on or off
Control Option-F8 or
fn Control Option-F8
Open VoiceOver Utility (if VoiceOver is on)
Control Option-F7 or
fn Control Option-F7
Display VoiceOver menu (if VoiceOver is on)
Control Option-;
or fn Control Option-;
Enable/disable VoiceOver Control Option-lock
Option-Command-8 Turn Zoom on or off
Option-Command-Plus Zoom In
Option-Command-Minus Zoom Out
Option-Control-Command-8 Invert/revert the screen colors (OS X Lion or earlier)
Control Option-Command-, Reduce contrast (OS X Lion or earlier)
Control Option-Command-. Increase contrast (OS X Lion or earlier)

Note: You may need to enable “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as
standard keys” in Keyboard preferences for the VoiceOver menu and
utility to work.

Universal Access – Mouse Keys

When Mouse Keys
is turned on in Universal Access preferences, you can use the keyboard
or numeric keypad keys to move the mouse pointer. If your computer
doesn’t have a numeric keypad, use the Fn (function) key.

8 Move Up
2 Move Down
4 Move Left
6 Move Right
1 Move Diagonally Bottom Left
3 Move Diagonally Bottom Right
7 Move Diagonally Top Left
9 Move Diagonally Top Right
5 Press Mouse Button
0 Hold Mouse Button
. (period on number pad) Release Hold Mouse Button

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