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About techbeatly

techbeatly is a community based platform for people who are working in Information and Communication Technology (aka ICT). We gather and publish articles, how-to guides and videos on topics related IT jobs such as DevOps, Systems Engineers, SRE, Developers, Security and many other roles.

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Some history…

This blog was started as a technical reference and was a private blog in Later we found adding articles to a website is easy than keeping personal notes or documents. Also it was easy to share to someone who need it; instead of sending our own personal notes. So we converted this blog to a public website. Later due to blogger platform limitations (at that time), we have moved all articles to fully fledged website as And due to some branding reasons and increased readership & site visits, we have hosted this under a new domain as

We are just sharing our personal notes and technical documents, what we know. Feel free to raise questions or queries via our contact page or comment system. If you have a passion to write articles and how-to guides, feel free to join techbeatly as an author.

We have made all changes to re-route traffic from old urls to so that page urls will never break.

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Any any questions or queries please contact us.

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All posts, articles and information are prepared based on author’s knowledge and experience. Please consult official documentations when applying these methods in your production environment.

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