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Guest Articles


At techbeatly, we accept high-quality sponsored content as part of your branding and service campaigns.

Sponsored Content

If the article is related to a product or service with promotional material, then we charge it as below. A sponsored content can be any material that contains the following items for lead generation, website traffic, affiliation and so on.

  • Do-follow/no-follow links
  • Images of the product or service
  • Explaining the benefits of the product or service.

We can publish high-quality content such as guest blogs, advertorials, and product reviews, see the rate chart below.

1x Article not more than 2000 words with up to 5 promotional links.
The article will stay on the website for a lifetime.
120 USD
5x Articles (series or different content) not more than 2000 words (each) with up to 5 promotional links.
The article(s) will stay on the website for a lifetime.  
350 USD

Please note, still, our editorial team will review and sub the article to make sure,

  • there is no inappropriate content inside the article.
  • no defaming content inside the article.


The banner advertisement slots need to be pre-booked and also need to inform in advance if you have any specific period to show the advertisement on the portal.

Top bar Banner (Every page) (900×60) 399 USD/month
Sidebar banner (300×250) 259 USD/month


You can choose any topic which is related to,

  • DevOps
  • Automation – Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  • Containers – Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift
  • Infrastructure as Code – Terraform, Pulumi
  • CICD & GitOps – Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CICD, ArgoCD
  • Cloud – AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Database – InfluxDB, Elastic Stack
  • Monitoring
  • etc

Restricted topics

Note: We are not accepting articles or content related to the following topics.

  • Trading
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Porn
  • Religious
  • other sensitive topics.

Questions? Please leave a message at [email protected].

Note: We accept only PayPal payments at the moment.