OpenShift 4: Installation Bonding Setup

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  • Setting up 2 x LACP bonding using boot params options.

For guidance on the boot params available look here.

(Cover image :

2 x LACP Bonding Interface Boot Options

Default Gateway
Main interface
LACP Aggregate
Secondary Interface – Storage Traffic as example
LACP Aggregate
Non Default Gateway

This is an example for setting up bonding during installation from above table information:

append  bond=bond0:enp1s0,enp7s0:mode=802.3ad,lacp_rate=fast,miimon=100,xmit_hash_policy=layer2+3 ip=  bond=bond1:eno0,eno1:mode=802.3ad,lacp_rate=fast,miimon=100,xmit_hash_policy=layer2+3 nameserver= 

Notice that there are two times ip= and bond= options are being used in the above kernel boot option . We do this for every interface and its corresponding ip configuration.

For the ip configuration part, pay attention on the gateway. If the interface should not become a default gateway do not specify the gateway parameter as shown above for bond1 network configurations.


Apart from LACP .3ad aggregate, any other bonding method supported by RHEL can be configured using below convention and guidance:

bond= Set up a bonding device with the following syntax: bond=name[:slaves][:options]. Replace name with the bonding device name, slaves with a comma-separated list of physical (ethernet) interfaces, and options with a comma-separated list of bonding options. For example:


Extra Notes

1. When we tried to use teaming driver, seems teaming is not available to use for now.

2. Example of full active-backup bonding params:

label Install CoreOS 4.3.0 Worker Node
 kernel /openshift4/4.3.0/rhcos-4.3.0-x86_64-installer-kernel
 append ip= bond=bond0:enp1s0,enp9s0:mode=active-backup ip= bond=bond1:enp7s0,enp10s0:mode=active-backup  nameserver= rd.neednet=1 coreos.inst.install_dev=vda console=tty0 console=ttyS0 coreos.inst=yes coreos.inst.image_url= coreos.inst.ignition_url= initrd=/openshift4/4.3.0/rhcos-4.3.0-x86_64-installer-initramfs.img

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