How To Check Your Resource Usage in AWS Free Tier

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Okay, you are in a learning path for AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services and you want to get your hands dirty. As we all know, AWS is offering a free tier usage of 1 year with limited resource usage; but that is more than enough to learn the platform. You have to sign-up and provide your credit card details; don’t worry, AWS will not charge you for anything until you exceed the free tier usage.

But, what if you are not keeping the track of your free tier usage and suddenly you receive an email saying that “Successfully charged your AWS account” ?

AWS has already provided a neat and easy billing dashboard to detail all of your resource usages and charges. You can setup billing alerts on your usage based on the budget you have setup.

Then you have to setup the alert notification as below.

If you want to track your free tier usage, there is an easy way as below.

Billing Dashboard –> Find Top Free Tier Services by Usage –> Click View All; and you can see the free tier usage and where you are now in terms of usage.


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