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How to Start with Ansible [LIVE]

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How to Start with Ansible | techbeatly LIVE

Are you an absolute beginner and struggling to start your Ansible journey ?
Join us this Sunday 31st Oct, 7.30 PM IST/10PM SGT


2:25 Introduction
6:27 Know the basic of Ansible Playbook
7:17 What is Ansible Playbook
8:42 What is Ansible Module
11:17 What is Task in Ansible
17:07 What is Ansible Play
20:38 Understand ansible.cfg
33:04 Ansible Inventory
37:50 Ansible Best Practices for beginners
1:02:26 What to keep in mind as beginner ?
1:05:11 Mistakes to avoid as a beginner
1:10:28 Where to start learning Ansible ?
1:15:08 Practice, Practice, Practice
1:17:42 Creating a quick Ansible Lab
1:33:31 Ansible Community in Telegram
1:35:45 Q&A

YouTube Videos

  • 30 Days of Ansible –
  • Ansible 101 – Jeff Geerling –

Udemy Courses ?

  • Ansible for the Absolute Beginner – Hands-On – DevOps | Mumshad Mannambeth
  • Ansible Advanced – Hands-On – DevOps | Mumshad Mannambeth
  • Dive Into Ansible – From Beginner to Expert in Ansible | James Spurin
  • Mastering Ansible | Chris Lunsford

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