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Ansible for Real-Life Automation – Your Key to Streamlined IT Infrastructure

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In today’s dynamic world of IT, where managing infrastructure and automating tasks is essential for staying ahead, Ansible stands out as a powerful open-source automation tool. Its versatility and robust capabilities have made it a go-to choice for sysadmins, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals worldwide. With a growing community and contributions from leading vendors, Ansible is your all-in-one solution for automation across a wide range of use cases.

Unlocking Ansible’s Potential

Ansible for Real-Life Automation” is your guide to harnessing the full potential of Ansible. Whether you’re a seasoned IT pro or just starting your journey, this book will take you through the ins and outs of Ansible, from setting it up to handling real-world automation scenarios. It’s a practical roadmap that helps you navigate the complexities of IT management with ease.

Your Journey with Ansible

The book kicks off by assisting you in installing and deploying Ansible in your work environment. It provides step-by-step guidance on setting up your infrastructure, including remote managed nodes, for both production and dev/staging environments. As you dive deeper, you’ll learn to manage these resources efficiently and effectively.

Real-Life Scenarios, Real-Life Solutions

“Ansible for Real-Life Automation” places a strong emphasis on learning through real-world scenarios. You’ll discover how to automate common tasks you encounter daily, such as collecting system information, scheduling weekly reboots, and performing security scans. Ansible’s capabilities extend beyond Linux, and the book shows you how to apply its automation magic to Microsoft Windows machines and network devices.

Taking on the Cloud

The cloud is an integral part of modern IT infrastructure. This book equips you with the knowledge to automate your way through private and public cloud platforms, including VMWare, AWS, and GCP. You’ll gain the skills to create automation playbooks that manage your cloud infrastructure effortlessly. In a world where cloud operations are paramount, Ansible is your trusted companion.

Integration with DevOps Workflow

DevOps is the heartbeat of modern IT, and Ansible seamlessly integrates into the DevOps workflow. You’ll learn how to incorporate Ansible into your DevOps pipeline, optimizing your automation practices. Streamlining your workflow has never been this straightforward.

Best Practices and Beyond

“Ansible for Real-Life Automation” goes beyond the basics, offering best practices, methods, and ingenious ways to automate even non-supported platforms and operations. You’ll become proficient at identifying and developing real-life automation use cases that transform the way you manage your IT infrastructure.

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