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Ansible Release Tracker

This pages is for quick release information and reference about Ansible versions.

See the original Releases and maintenance for latest information.

Ansible community package vs ansible-core

The Ansible community package and ansible-core projects keep different versioning and see the difference below.

Ansible community packageansible-core
Uses new versioning (2.10, then 3.0.0)Continues “classic Ansible” versioning (2.11, then 2.12)
Follows semantic versioning rulesDoes not use semantic versioning
Maintains only one version at a timeMaintains latest version plus two older versions
Includes language, runtime, and selected CollectionsIncludes language, runtime, and builtin plugins
Developed and maintained in Collection repositoriesDeveloped and maintained in ansible/ansible repository
Source: Ansible Releases and maintenance

Ansible Releases

DateReleaseStatus, End of Life and Remarks
Ansible Community Package 6.0.0In development
Ansible Community Package 5.xCurrent
23-Feb-2022Ansible Community Package 5.4.0ansible-core 2.12 as well as a curated set of
Ansible collections
02-Feb-2022Ansible Community Package 5.3.0 ansible-core 2.12.2 and curated set of Ansible collections
01-Feb-2022ansible-core 2.12.2
ansible-core 2.11.8
ansible-base 2.10.17
13-Jan-2022Ansible Community Package 5.2.0ansible-core 2.12.1 and curated set of Ansible collections
Ansible Community Package 4.xEnd of life after 4.10
Ansible Community Package 3.xUnmaintained (end of life)
Ansible Community Package 2.10Unmaintained (end of life)
20-Feb-2012AnsibleFirst Release.