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Book Review: “Python Essentials for AWS Cloud Developers”

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Python Essentials for AWS Cloud Developers” is a straightforward and practical guide for those looking to harness the power of Python within the AWS ecosystem. Authored by Serkan Sakinmaz, this book provides a clear introduction to Python’s application in various AWS use cases.

The book begins by addressing the basics, starting with Python installation and IDE setup using PyCharm. Although I was fine-tuning their VSCode at the time, this section lays a solid foundation for beginners. It ensures that readers are equipped with the necessary tools to embark on their AWS Python journey.

One of the highlights of the book is its guidance on creating an AWS account and delving into AWS Lambda. The author uses Python to explain how to interact with Lambda and other AWS services. This hands-on approach enables readers to grasp the practical aspects of cloud development with Python.

Moving forward, the book explores Python usage within EC2 instances and the PyCharm IDE. It also provides insights into deploying Python applications on Elastic Beanstalk, enhancing the reader’s understanding of real-world AWS scenarios.

My favourite section is Part 3, where the book delves into AWS use cases with Python. This includes database operations, API interactions, and AWS Glue, among others. This section empowers developers with valuable knowledge to apply Python effectively in AWS projects.

It’s essential to note that “Python Essentials for AWS Cloud Developers” assumes a foundational understanding of Python. This book is not a comprehensive guide to learning Python; rather, it focuses on its practical applications within AWS.

In summary, Serkan Sakinmaz’s book offers a simple and pragmatic introduction to Python for AWS use cases. It equips readers with the essential knowledge to navigate the AWS cloud with Python. Kudos to the author for creating a resource that simplifies complex concepts.


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