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Email Management – Quick Tips

Keep your inbox as empty as possible

  • Move important messages to proper sub-folders or delete unwanted right away.
  • Delete e-mails that are no longer required (outdated meeting notices, newsletters of no real value)
  • Keep inbox free of clutter and make easier to sport important messages.

Stop unnecessary emails

Eliminate sources of unnecessary e-mails

  • Unsubscribe Non-Work related (Jokes, Promo emails) or make it weekly/monthly update for needed one.
  • Mark as Spam as soon as you find it. (unknown senders, &%[email protected]* subjects etc) DO NOT try your luck
  • Apply rules for unwanted emails.


Organize Emails

  • Consider inbox/draft/sent items as temporary storage for emails.
  • Create Folders/Labels wisely and use proper names for folders (Based on subject/Actions).
  • Move items from Sent Items to appropriate folders.
  • Got an email thread with 10+ continuous conversations ? Keep the latest one only
  • Use proper filters (based on sender, subject, Special words) and make email organized automatically.


Searching Emails

Search with words/sender/dates
Search with wild characters (John*Smith, Lisa? etc). Simply typing a few words will return all possible results.
Use sort function with Sender, Dates

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