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Free GitOps and CI/CD Courses and Certifications

CI/CD (Continuous integration and Continuous delivery or Continuous deployment) and GitOps are not new terminologies in the IT world. There are several software and tools to accomplish the CI/CD and GitOps practices. Learning and practising such tools is quite difficult if you do not have a proper course or documentation. Fortunately, there are several free resources around and some of them even offer free certifications upon completing the training programs. Check below the list of free training and certifications for GitOps and CI/CD technologies.

Jenkins Course – CloudBees

CloudBees is providing multiple free courses to learn Jenkins including Jenkins essentials, administration and pipeline essentials. You can go for the certification option if you want to get Certified Jenkins Engineer.

Sign-up at CloudBees for Jenkins courses.

Want to learn Kubernetes? Check our Kubernetes Library for courses and free resources.

GitLab 101 Tool Certification

Learn GitLab essentials to understand the technical terms in GitLab, issues, merging repositories and other topics.

Sign-up for GitLab learning.

Introduction to GitOps – The Linux Foundation

Introduction to GitOps (LFS169) is a free course by The Linux Foundation to cover the basics of GitOps, how to use GitOps and other concepts. You can use your Linux Foundation login and purchase this course at zero cost.

Enrol for GitOps LFS169 Course.

GitOps Fundamentals – CodeFresh

In this free course by CodeFresh, you will learn all the basics of GitOps. You will also learn the GitOps using ArgoCD and different tools such as Helm, Kustomize etc with ArgoCD.

Register for GitOps Fundamentals.

GitOps at Scale – CodeFresh

In this free course by CodeFresh, you will learn all the advanced concepts of GitOps. You will also learn how to handle multiple applications, promoting released and other common operations.

Register for GitOps at Scale.

ArgoCD Tutorial – Red Hat Developer

Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. You can automate the deployment of the application states automatically based on the Git commits, merging etc.

Learn ArgoCD by setting up a lab and practising.

  • Setting up ArgoCD using minikube
  • Connecting to ArgoCD
  • Working with Kustomize
  • SyncWaves and Hooks

Check out the ArgoCD tutorial at the Red Hat Developer portal.

GitHub Actions: Hello World

This is a free course offered by GitHub and you will learn the basics of GitHub Actions workflow, using scripts, etc. You will also learn the workflow and action blocks, triggering workflows, discover workflow logs etc.

Register for GitHub Actions free course. Also, check other GitHub Actions courses if you are interested.

GitLab CI CD Tutorial for Beginners [Crash Course] – TechWorld with Nana

Learn GitLab CI/CD by building a complete CICD pipeline for a Python demo project and with Docker.

Watch the course.

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