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Gmail redesigned, what are the new features ?

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Gmail has revamped their web interface with awesome look and also added new features. Already changed the default font to “Roboto”, which is Google’s standard font for most of their services and portals.

Organize Easily

You can now organize your email in an easy via as Gmail has already added action button on each email line when you hover. You can archive, delete, Mark Unread or Snooze the email from line itself.

Now you can snooze Snooze your emails

If you want to read those email which are not urgent, now you can snooze to a later time or date so that it will popup again in main inbox as per the snoozed date/time. You can also view the snoozed item in “Snoozed” section on left side.

Customize density of your inbox

The same old feature but with more easy view. Goto settings (Gear icon on right top) and Choose “Display Density”.

Interactive side panel

Now, its easy to hide the left menu panel as you will get more room for emails.

Calendar, Notes, Tasks – All in one place

Check the right side menu, you can see quick access button for Google Calendar, Google Keep and Tasks. Those buttons will open those application right in your gmail interface and no need to open another window for the same. You can also add more add-ons there to manage your emails.

Intelligent unsubscribe

Gmail will automatically check your emails and will apply some intelligence to find which emails you dont read or like to open. Later Gmail will suggest you to “Unsubscribe” from that sender or feed. This is smart right ?

Mention by ‘@’ and add in CC

Now you can add a person in CC by mentioning his name with “@” without leaving the message body.

Confidential mode

You can now send email with an “expiry date”. The new feature will help to send those “confidential” information via same email but with an expiry time; once reached Gmail will delete this email from receiver’s inbox. Update : This will be available soon.


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