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How to Become a Better App Developer

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These days, app development is in high demand. As more and more people are switching to smartphones and tablets instead of computers, it is natural that various organisations are looking to hire an app developer.

For example, e-commerce stores are growing exponentially thanks to mobile shopping and how convenient it is. Besides, it is not just applications for the stores themselves. There are other instances of when someone might need an app to improve their ecommerce business. And that is only for the e-commerce industry. There are many other industries that benefit from mobile applications.

Having said all that, if you have been thinking about becoming a developer yourself or are already on your way there and want to find out how to improve your chances of success, this article should come in quite handy.

Create a Proper Work Setup

This one is obvious, but you need to create a proper work setup so that you can learn and thrive. First and foremost, such an environment requires an optimized computer. 

For example, if you purchase a laptop, you will need to keep tabs on its performance. Cleaning dust, managing background processes, and investing in necessary accessories are some things that will require your attention.

You will also want to keep an eye on storage. Redundant media, localisation files, old downloads, and temporary storage, which you can find more on at, require attention to not let the computer’s drive get out of hand.

Other than a computer, make sure that your place is neat and tidy. Working in a messy environment is not great for your motivation. 

Use Available Sources to Learn

Given how popular app development is, it is natural that there are plenty of available sources to learn the craft. In addition, you do not have to pursue formal education in a university or college. 

Sure, a degree helps when you are looking for a job in a well-established company, but it is more about your actual skills and experience.

You can learn development online thanks to available courses on YouTube, Skillshare, Udemy, and other platforms. 

Books are also an option, but there are not that many choices, particularly if you are looking for a specific topic. In other words, getting a book on a topic you want might not be that easy. And besides, it is more convenient to consume learning material in a video format than it is to consume by reading.

Discuss Issues With Peers

You are bound to run into various issues while learning or working as an app developer. Thankfully, the developer community is pretty friendly, and you should not have too many problems finding someone who can give you a piece of advice.

Talking about work-related problems with peers is a good way to eliminate obstacles and make connections that could prove useful in the future. 

Seek Internships

After you become somewhat decent and are finished with the basics, you will want to seek real work opportunities. There is an option to go freelance and look for clients, but the odds of someone hiring an app developer without real experience are relatively high.

Instead, you can consider seeking an internship. It might not pay or pay very little, but you would get to gain proper experience and potentially learn from someone who knows the craft quite well. 

Focus on Small Details

As an app developer, you will write code, and it is important to note that the smallest mistakes can snowball out of control and ruin the whole thing. 

Since early days, you should incorporate certain habits into your routine. One of these habits is paying attention to small details. It might be bothersome to focus on what might seem irrelevant, but there is a difference between creating an app that runs smoothly and an app that has a few bugs or glitches because you neglected to do your work properly.


Practice is another tip that might seem quite obvious, but you should not fall behind on your connection to app development even if you are taking some time off between different projects.

Practice when you feel like you are becoming too rusty or encounter various obstacles that get in the way of getting an app working the way you want it to work. 

Keep Up With Trends

The last bit of advice is about keeping up with trends related to the app development industry. It is one of those industries that advance fast, and failing to adapt to changes will leave you stranded.

Read about the latest developments, projections for upcoming years, new tools that are getting released or will be released soon, and so on. Staying at the top of the game is one of the ways to ensure that you can thrive and succeed as an app developer.


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