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Slip Stream Method for SQL Server Build

This document is to guide when we want to integrate the SQL setup media with Service Pack, Cumulative updates and hotfixes in once single iso image so that we can save time for one by one installation and also in terms of multiple reboots as well. Here are the steps as mentioned below.

  •  Extract the SQL Server media into a folder on your machine by using 7zip or any other software you like that is capable of extracting .iso files.
  • Create a new folder inside of the extracted media folder and paste inside all of the fixes you will need

Create an ISO from that folder with the help of software like ImgBurn
Here is how your folder should look like. This is an example with SQL Server 2016 with SP1 and Cumulative Update 3:

Once you create the .iso file based on this folder, just run CMD and execute the below:

 Setup.exe /Action=Install /UpdateEnabled=TRUE /UpdateSource=”D:\Updates”

The setup starts and the first difference we see is on one of the first screens that we are presented with:

Once you move forward and do all the needed configurations, there is another point at which you may see a slight difference confirming that you are on your way and you have successfully done the slipstreaming:

That’s it! No more you are required to manually start every single Service Pack then Cumulative update and Security Hotfix you need! Now you just put all of those in a folder and “point” SQL Server’s setup to that folder.


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