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Automation with Ansible – Everything You Want to Learn

Everything you want to learn about Ansible

You have hundreds and thousands of online documentation and wiki pages for learning Ansible, and this is our attempt to cover Ansible in a simple and beginner approach.

Ansible Full Course – YouTube Playlist

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Installing Ansible

Part 3 – Deployment

Part 4 – Managing Inventory

Part 5 – Running Ad-Hoc commands

Part 6 – Play with Playbooks

Part 7 – Managing Variables

Part 8 – Managing Facts

Ansible – Part 9 – Task Control <In Progress … >

Ansible – Part 10 – Jinja2 Templates with Ansible <In Progress … >

Part 11 – Implementing Roles

Part 12 – Deploying Roles With Ansible Galaxy

<Give me some more time to prepare>

Additional Resources for Ansible

Setup Your vim editor for Ansible Playbook

How to configure ssh key based access

Articles related to Ansible Automation

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