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Check Out These 4 Ways Teens Can Learn Coding Early On

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Coding, or computer programming, is an essential skill for the future. The need for a high number of developers has recently skyrocketed, and these skills can be taught to students as young as 10 years old! The effects of learning this skill are many: from a better understanding of how programs work to increasing the self-confidence and ability to thrive in new areas. You may consider teaching your child this skill early on because it could change their life for the better in many ways! Check out these ways teens can learn coding early on.

1. Micro:bit

A new development in coding is the unique and brilliant Micro:bit. It was funded by a charity program called the BBC Micro:bit. It is a small device that is meant to teach basic computer programming to young people. Young coders can write small programs for simple tasks and get immediate feedback from their creations. They must also learn how to communicate with other devices, all in a portable device that fits on your palm!

It’s the perfect companion for budding web developers who want something they can carry around wherever they want to go. They can also hang it around their neck and take it with them to school. It’s a great educational tool that students can use to practice and hone their skills! These devices can be bought at many local retailers or online.

Some of the ways you can use it include:

  • Designing apps and games
  • Developing websites
  • Understanding digital logic
  • Visualizing their creations

The Micro:bit is one of the best ways to introduce teens to the basics of coding without a lot of screen time. Adults can help students make sure they have a balance of fun and learning, as well as guide them on how to be okay with mistakes. Praise can go a long way when it comes to developing confidence! When young coders do not take the time to learn from their mistakes, they are in for many problems.

2. Coding Courses

Self-pacing coding courses are a great idea for any teen who wants to learn how to code. This can be a solution to those who do not have family members who can help them on their coding journey, or if they’re not exactly “all-in” with coding just yet. Long-term coding classes can make learning these skills more fun and interesting. They can also be valuable in burning the rust that some may have in their brains.

One great resource for teens is CodeAcademy! This site is free to use, and it offers many courses that do not ask for money to be paid for. The course is set up so that users can work at their own pace and online by checking off the steps they complete. There are also plenty of bonus lessons to help you learn if the basics did not stick the first time.

Teenagers who are just starting out may need additional help to see past their initial struggles with coding. That’s why setting them in a self-paced learning environment will give them the time to enjoy coding and focus on improving skills instead of feeling pressured to do it.

3. Sphero RVR

The Sphero is a small robot that can be programmed to move and do many different things. It starts at $250 (USD), but it’s definitely worth the investment! This robot can be really interesting for teens because they can learn how to code using basic commands and logic statements.

The design of the Sphero is pretty much like any other toy car, except that it comes with an external remote control and a physical controller with coding blocks to dictate movement. It really is a great learning tool and a fun way to have some friendly competition in the family.

Programmers can get more creative with their coding, and the Sphero can be programmed in so many different ways.

Its main focus is teaching teens to get into autonomous robotics. It’s a smart little toy that can do some pretty amazing things, and it is not limited to a computer or a tablet. Teens can use this robotic device to learn how to code in ways that may interest them. For example, they can stop the Sphero from falling or from bumping into walls!

4. MicroPython

MicroPython is a very interesting way to get teens interested in Python programming. It’s based on the classical version of Python, and it has been designed to be compatible with the Micro:bit! It only works on microcontrollers and constrained environments, so this is a great solution for coders who want to learn at their own pace, and they do not need to install any software or programming environments.

The Takeaway

Learning coding at a young age is a fun and easy way to get started. It’s good for teens to learn about technology and how it works so that they can take full advantage of the world today!

These are just some examples of the amazing ways teens can learn coding early on. If you want your teen to be involved in programming, then consider these ways. Get them started early so that they will have the best chance of becoming successful in the future!


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