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Top 15 Free Kubernetes Courses

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Kubernetes is the de-facto platform for organisations to host their applications and the old โ€œSystems Engineerโ€ job has been re-designed with the requirement of Kubernetes skillset; more or less it is mandatory. Kubernetesโ€™ learning curve is quite smooth if you have a basic understanding of Linux containers.

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There are hundreds of free and paid courses around to learn Kubernetes. Some of them focus on Kubernetes certifications such as CKA, CKAD, CKS, etc., but other courses focus on pure Kubernetes.

Free Kubernetes Courses

Here you will find the top 15 Kubernetes resources which you can use at no cost from your home or office.

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DO080 โ€“ Containers, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Technical Overview โ€“ Red Hat

In this basic course, you will learn about containerisation with in-depth demonstrations and lab instructions. You will how to provision applications, creating routes etc.

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Introduction to Kubernetes โ€“ The Linux Foundation

This is a free and in-depth course by The Linux Foundation offering via edx learning portal.

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Kube by Example

A detailed courses for Kubernetes with all core concepts covered. Also check other courses here such as Linux Essentials, Container Fundamentals etc.

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Kubernetes Core Concepts โ€“ KubeAcademy

Kube Academy is a learning portal by VMWare and offering several free courses related to Kubernetes and cloud native development. You can learn about Kubernetes with their Kubernetes Core Concepts learning path.

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School of Kubernetes โ€“ InfraCloud

InfraCloud is offering free Kubernetes and related courses via their learning platform called School of Kubernetes. You can also check their other free courses such as Basics of Helm etc.

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Getting started with Kubernetes on Google Cloud

A series of on-demand videos explaining the usages of Kubernetes, deploying applications, scaling and securing applications etc.

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Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners โ€“ Nana Janashia

This is a detailed and in-depth free course by Nana Janashia on her YouTube channel. The courses about 4 hours in length and explaining all the Kubernetes basic components including ingress, using Helm etc.

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Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift V2 โ€“ IBM

A detailed and in depth Kubernetes course by IBM covering the basics of containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift basics.

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Kubernetes Full Course in 7 Hour โ€“ edureka

A 7 hour (!) free video courses on Kubernetes by edureka in their YouTube channel.

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Learn Kubernetes with Civo Academy

Civo Academy is offering free Kubernetes courses and learning materials via their learning platform. The courses contains multiple video series explaining different Kubernetes objects and concepts.

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Kubernetes Course โ€“ Full Beginners Tutorial โ€“ Bogdan Stashchuk

This is a 3 hour video course by Bogdan Stashchuk on freeCodeCamp youtube channel covering all required concepts for Kubernetes and practical demonstrations.

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Free Kubernetes Training โ€“ Kasten

Detailed course for Kubernetes with lab and demonstrations.

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Kubernetes Full Course โ€“ SimpleLearn

Free Kubernetes video course by SimpleLearn in their YouTube channel.

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Kubernetes: Getting Started โ€“ Srinath Challa

A free course on Udemy by Srinath Challa explaining the Kubernetes core concepts, setting up the cluster on cloud etc.

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Just enough kubernetes to be dangerous โ€“ Gourav Shah

A free Udemy course on Kubernetes basics by Gourav Shah covering Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) basics, deploying applications etc.

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)

Useful Kubernetes Resources


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