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Top Business Intelligence Tools For Commercial Usage In 2022

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These days, business plays a vital role for any organization which deals with the sales of a particular product and the reputation of the company will be increased. Since everyone is familiar with technology, it is increasing day by day and also the business field is developing viceversa. Business Intelligence is also an important aspect which deals with the development of a business for any organization.  Business Intelligence is generally used to convert the data into a good presentation format and analyze formats like dashboards and reports. There are many different business intelligence tools. Some of them are:

  1. Tableau
  2. Looker
  3. Power BI
  4. Domo


Tableau is a business intelligence tool which is used to understand and visualize the data. For visualizing the data, we have to transform the data into a usable format which is used to solve the problems in a simple way. To make sure that the data driven is helpful for the end users companies have to use this tableau. Infact, tableau has multiple ways to complete a particular task and it will not be done in a single time. If you are interested in this Tableau, you can use Tableau Training and join the course and improve your skills in this field.

Tableau is a tool which is used for the data in a platform that deals with the preparation of the data, analyzing the data, collaboration of data, and sharing the data in a simple manner. Tableau bi tool is very costly but it provides several good features compared to others. It costs nearly $40 for 1 user per 1 month. It can easily access the maximum number of data in the rows of a format.It is used for the big datasets which are very complex and user friendly.


Looker is one the business intelligence tools which is used to develop the visuals in an insightful manner for a business in a company. It generally provides a user friendly ecosystem in the company which uses browsers in a complete manner to the use of the softwares in the desktop. It is really made for the customers to get the solutions for their questions or problems. It ensures the growth of the business of an organization. If you are interested in Looker, you can use Looker Training and join the online course which helps you to get the answers for your questions.

Generally, Looker is used for the data visualization to make some applications within this platform in order to make sure that the data processes are being done for the tiny businesses. It is used to search, locate, and also analyze the given data to help the organizations by easily doing it. Looker bi tool has analytics functions which helps to make the data visuals in a neat manner. Looker also uses some queries by using SQL which helps to maintain the database. It is a tool which deals with the fundamentals of the data and so it becomes unique among other bi tools.

Power BI

Power BI is a set of services provided by the software, applications, and also the connectors which combine to complete the task, turning the data into different manners like impressing visuals, coherent and using some insights with interaction. It can also be used for the bunch of cloud data  and the data made in a hybrid manner. It also has new features which are getting very much advanced and the customers use these different functions and may become a difficult experience for the new beginners. If you are interested in this, you can join the course using Microsoft Power BI Training and explore your future with this Power BI tool.

Power BI is simple to learn as compared to other tools. Since, it is made in a simple manner and easy to learn for the new users. Power BI starts a basic plan at $9.99 per 1 month for every user and a premium plan at $20 per 1 month to every customer. Power BI gives a large set of analyzing capacities to the starters and also the end users and it offers several functionalities. The security of the given data capabilities provided by the Power BI include labeling everything in a sensitive manner and also real-time accessing. Power BI was developed for Microsoft Products, it helps that the software is relatively familiar with some other Microsoft offerings.


Domo is a business intelligence tool which is used for cloud based softwares to make sure that the reports of the data are entered in a correct manner or not. It provides visibility of the data which is created in this platform. Generally, it starts with the linkage of the given data in several manners. Infact, it offers us an application using one click which connects and uploads the data of an organization without taking any help from the employees in the company. If you are interested in this Domo, you can use Domo Training and join the course to improve your knowledge in it.

Domo means “Thank you” which is a word taken from japan used for cloud solving strategies. Everyone who is using this tool must be thankful for this because it is very helpful these days. It is an easy language which uses some sources of the data and makes it understandable. The license of the Domo costs below $200 which is affordable for many companies. It also provides a free trial version for sometime which can also be called as a demo account and then you may upgrade it to premium. It also uses cache storage.


In this blog, we have seen about the business intelligence tools such as tableau, looker, power bi and domo. These business tools help any organization to make sure that their work becomes easy and the interpretation will be simple for any organization. Infact, these tools offer paid versions with a less amount which can be taken by many companies.


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