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You Heard it Right! Teens Can Learn Python Too

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As the world progresses, it also calls for newer and more advanced skills to be taught to the younger generation. It is to better prepare them with the essential abilities that are in demand in the current job market—one of which is: coding using python.

Much of the websites used by teens nowadays are created through Python–a text-based language where Google, Spotify, Instagram, and even Netflix are built. Python is also where Battlefield 2 and the classic Space Invaders were coded in. Imagine if your child or student can transform their ideas into one of these applications or games? It’s possible given the following reasons!

Teens are digital natives

Since teens these days spend most of their time on the internet, they are naturally tech-savvy and are born to navigate the digital world. Learning Python would be a piece of cake for them, given its simple syntax and flexible nature.

Teens love to create content.

Nowadays, everyone can be a content creator if they have the vision. Python can be a tool for teens who are interested in producing games, developing websites, or creating digital art. Given the vast libraries of Python, they can easily choose a blueprint to kickstart their content and channel their creativity into different forms.

Python has a welcoming community

Aside from the innate creativity of teenagers, Python also has a supportive community for beginners. Even if they are still starting to learn the language, there are already a lot of materials to explore.

Documentations and free tutorials are also available when teens join Python communities on the internet. These can serve as guides while learning the language.

Why should teens need to learn Python?

Python is a widely-used programming language in the tech industry. Other industries also utilize it to create task management applications that result in seamless workflows. If teens can learn Python, there are more benefits than they can maximize in the (near) future.

The ability to write code in Python helps teens establish an in-demand skill, especially those pursuing a career in tech. Nowadays, more job opportunities are ruled by computer science. Therefore, a solid foundation in coding can secure teens with lots of job availability.

How can teens start to learn Python?

Teens can learn Python with ample training! The good news is there are many boot camps designed to teach the language to various types of learners. So, whether the goal is to provide a productive summer break, prepare for college, or simply let teens enjoy Python as a hobby, there’s always the right coding boot camp available for you! Here’s a list of coding boot camps and courses that teens can access online:

1. Python Programming for Teens by Early Learning Space

In this 8-week course, teens can get a full grasp of the fundamentals of coding using Python. By the end of the program, teens learn how to create a chatbot, an art illustration, or even a game! The only requirement is a stable internet connection and the course can be accessed through desktop, tablet, or even your mobile phone!

2. Intro to Python by Code Wizards HQ

One of the key aspects of this Intro to Python Bootcamp is its project-based approach to helping teens learn to program. This course is suitable for beginners who want to turn their creative ideas into fun and engaging applications. Classes are interactive, too!

3. Python for Teens I by The Coding School

In 10 hours, teens can learn the basics of Python through mathematical concepts. This course is purely virtual so teens can set their own pace in learning the language based on their availability and skill. Once they are done with this course, there are even supplementary lessons for more advanced Python coding that teens can learn!

4. Teen Coding with Python II by Firetech

For teens who are looking for a more advanced application of Python, this course is for you! This boot camp goes beyond game-building and simple task generators as it focuses more on using more developed strings and expressions. You will be taught how to make Python code interact with various websites and debug your code!

The course is supervised by a DBS-checked instructor and can be accessed online and in-person!

5. Draw a Minecraft World in Python with Turtle by Juni Learning

Here is a more creative take on learning to code with Python—creating a Minecraft world! Creative teens with particular interests in Minecraft can learn Python—it’s fundamentals, functions, and variables—by drawing their world.

Teens will virtually meet with their instructor four times a week for less than an hour, depending on their preferred schedule. No hassle, more fun!

The Bottomline: Python boot camps help teens advance their coding skills.

Python is a simple programming language that people of all ages can learn. Preparing teens with this coding skill is an essential step in gearing them to reach better opportunities as they traverse their careers.


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